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Transcendental Human Design Course

Your Step-by-Step Practical Guide to:
Beat Burnout
Overcome limitation
Free yourself from frustration
Fully Realize your potential

Utilizing a modern logical system with mystical origins

What is THD?

[Video describing my story with Human Design and how this is different from everything else out there}

Meet your Guide:

After having his life derailed and body battered from a debilitating food borne illness abroad, Brad Zayac was unable to work, think and barely able to move. He abandoned his hopes and dreams and was left hopeless, lost and alone. In this darkest of moments, he prayed for help.

By what can only be described as divine intervention, he was shortly thereafter introduced to the Human Design system. With nothing left to lose, he entered the HD experiment and his life changed forever.

After 8+ years of devoted practice of the basic principles and 4+ years of sharing his HD knowledge and skills professionally with thousands all over the world, Brad now hopes to distill the breadth and depth of everything he has learned into one, easy-to-digest course.


THD helps people realize the fullness of their potential

Realize - 1. to become fully aware of; 2. to fulfill; 3. to give actual or physical form to

Potential - The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge and other factors


Realizing your potential will bring...

​- More Wealth

- Better Health

- Better Relationships

but more importantly,

Realizing your potential will bring...

​- Absolute freedom in its most pure sense

- Soul-level fulfillment in creating the life you want to live

- Abundance in any and every sense of the word

- Unshakeable peace and clarity of mind

- Acceptance and love for all aspects of creation

- Lighter, clearer emotional states

- Ultimate purpose in your Human Journey

Transcendental Human Design has Changed Lives

Get to Know Us

[Testimonial 1]

[Testimonial 2]

[Testimonial 3]

This course is for...

  1. All humans (First and foremost)

  2. Conscious Entrepreneurs looking to expand their soul-based business without burning out or compromising integrity

  3. Bodyworkers, energyworks, facilitators of any kind looking to expand their toolkit

  4. Human Design students and professionals looking for fresh inspiration and embodied wisdom

  5. Meditators and spiritual seekers looking for the fast track to authentic awakening

  6. Neurodivergents, empaths and the energetically aware looking to turn their sensitivity into a superpower

  7. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters or anyone looking to understand how to love and honor their loved ones more fully

  8. The young and ambitious looking for guidance, support and direction

Traditional HD vs Transcendental HD


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