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  • Brad Zayac

Release Into Your True Nature

So many of us have moved through the world, unaware that we’re not even living our own life. All the pressures of having to be successful, having to be attractive, having to be healthy taking us away from that which just comes naturally. Life’s not meant to be a chore. Life‘s not meant to feel like slavery. We’re not meant to chronically feel lost, trapped or burnt out..

I invite you to take a moment and contemplate what it might feel like to be in your most open neutral and natural state. What might that feel like for you?

From my experience, the natural state of the human is one of deep peace, a deep acceptance of what is real and what is going on all around us. A comfortability with the unknown in the mystery of the universe. A curiosity with what might come next, and a genuine enthusiasm and interest in living life to its fullness. The natural human lives in deep communion with its environment and world, continuously exploring, and deepening the connections within and with everything around.

Aside from just a beautiful picture, this is something that is here for all of us to experience. Perhaps you’ve touched it for a moment or perhaps you’ve been able to create some space within yourself to experience life in this way. Wherever you’re at is your opportunity to look around at what you got, and move forward with grace, ease and joy.

Our natural state it’s not something that can be faked. It’s not something that you can force or pretend. It’s actually the opposite. It is what happens when you stop pretending and when you stop forcing. When you stop pretending you stop forcing all that’s left is the release into your true nature.

You’re becoming present with yourself, and with the coming and going of the breath, allowing each breath to flow in and flow out naturally without pause. As any sensations, feelings and experiences arise, they are taken in, fully welcomed, embraced, and then without pause they are let go, released and exhaled. A continuous flow: in feeding out and out feeding in.

Whether life appears to be good, or pleasurable or bad and painful, all is welcome. All is taken in all is released, nothing sticks everything moves. Everything breathes when nothing is sticking. The openness within yourself can continue to expand while you become more settled within your body and within your world, you’re grounded, connected, integrated within yourself, and at the same time truly open to any and all places that your consciousness may want to take you.

If this is a natural state, why is it that so many who read this may find the feeling foreign or unfamiliar? Within the density and the activity of the world, it's easy to lose sight of ourselves, sacrificing our own well-being for the approval of others or sacrificing our health for financial gain. As the world is moving through us, it’s so easy for pieces and parts of it to get stuck within our being forming a false or incomplete sense of self.

The energy that’s meant to move through us sometimes gets stuck and crystallizes. It becomes so pervasive within our subconscious that we start to think that it’s who we are as a being. We start to think that it’s normal to be depressed or frustrated all the time. While it may be common. It’s definitely not normal.

The outside world is so shiny, bright, and stimulating that it’s easy to lose track of what is important and what matters. In the busyness of the world it’s easy to lose track of ourselves.

What matters most is your freedom: your ability to make your decisions and take your actions from a place that is totally yours, from a place that is uncontrolled by the outside world.

When the feelings get stuck, they block your ability to perceive correctly and clearly with what is going on in your life. Decisions and your actions can be skewed by stuck, repressed feelings and excessive stress. By developing a habit of releasing feelings, fully welcoming, and actually feeling them, you can create more space in your inner landscape and become more available to see and perceive what’s really going on around you without bias.

An unbiased lens knows that feelings are just feelings, and they don’t mean anything about who you are. Just because you feel bad doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Just because you might be experiencing feelings of unworthiness or hopelessness or fatigue or exhaustion doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong and it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. These are all just feelings moving through you helping you open up all the levels of your being to all levels of existence.

One of the perks of being human is that we get to be on earth and experience everything on earth, while at the same time, having access to all of heaven, and everything off the earth as well. The more that you open yourself up on all levels is the more you get to experience all those levels from a place of freedom.

With all the thoughts and feelings you experience in a day, how much of that is relevant to you? How is it that you are really feeling? What is it that matters to you? What do you value? What do you like? It’s easy to adopt the thoughts and feelings of others and start to believe that those are our feelings, but with inquiry and with honesty, we can sort through that to discover how we truly feel as individuals apart from outside influence.

Feeling is the way to freedom. Release is the way to realization.

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