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  • Brad Zayac

The Origin and Purpose of Fear

Fear gets such a bad rap because it is largely misunderstood. The humorous ironicity showing up as: the more we make fear the enemy, the more we are being controlled by it.

Fear and awareness are two sides of the same coin. Simply put, fear is a pressure to become more aware. When fear is presenting within the body, it's because there's something in your mental or physical environment your body wishes you to be consciously aware of and alert to.

You may have fear of heights because high places carry a threat of danger and require you to pay more attention in order to remain safe. The fear is asking you to become more present and alert to your immediate world. In a sense, the fear is a gift of motivation to pay more attention to the here and now. Since all of life happens in the here and now, fear is helping us live our most fulfilling life

Fear only becomes an issue if we lose touch with motion. Moments of pause and assessment are natural, but if that turns into paralysis and stuckness, this is when the fear gets its bad rap. There is no battle with fear, fear is a neutral signal coming from a body that's on your side. We don't need to go to war with fears nor do we need to act randomly as a form of rebellion against the fear.

If you're someone that likes the competition and the fight, remember fear is not the enemy. Fear is like an energy drink you consume to heighten your alertness. The true battle is with the hidden beliefs, unprocessed memories, the judgments that may be distorting your perception and causing your fear signal to show up when it doesn't need to (or not show up when it should).

This collection of distortions has many names, the ego, the not self, the devil, etc. It is attempting to convince you that you are somehow separate from your own divinity and that there are conditions to experiencing your own divine love. Crazy I know. but it certainly can be convincing at times.

Fear is uncomfortable, and overwhelming times, but it is a natural part of the body's chemistry. It's here to help. It's the rigid thoughts (ego) that are distorting our reality, and causing suffering. We can utilize our natural fear response to See the ego more clearly and allow it to dissolve. As the ego dissolves, the fear response goes through an evolution, turning into a subtler wisdom that knows what's going on with expanded awareness.

Using Fear to See & Dismantle the Ego

Would you like to experience life from a free place? All humans have the unique opportunity to live in the world without being affected by it. You can be a free agent, receiving and experiencing all life has to offer. Consciously choosing and creating your path. It takes a harmoniousness, an attunement to natural rhythms and an allowing of unforced action.

The ego wants to convince you that you are on your own against the world and must fight & strive to survive in it. It wants you to force your way into position above others. The ego can and has done impressive things. It has also done all the evil things ever done. There is по doubting its power. Yet because it is by definition cut off from everything else, there is a fundamental limitation to what it can create. Ego will never be as powerful as blissful connectedness/love/truth/wholeness/etc.

Harmonizing to the infinite connects you to the limitlessness of totality. When you operate from harmony, you literally have the entire universe at your back. The ego is limited by what it can imagine. You in harmony may experience that which is beyond what you could ever imagine. Utter openness of infinity moving, coalescing into the exact right thing in the exact right time.

From this harmony, fear arising is simply part of the inevitable ebbs and flows. We have but to gently face and follow the fear back to its origin to discover its purpose. You might notice some fear and ask: “what specifically am I fearing now?” As it is revealed you can inquire “Is this something that needs my attention or action right now?” If so, you can proceed with the heightened excitement of fear on your side.

Often though you will find your fear has no basis in your present reality. Then you can ask something like "What does this situation remind me of?”

This question can bring up previously painful situations that carry the essence of what you’re currently experiencing. With calm breath and oppenness, and your present availability, you can digest, accept, forgive, receive that past experience in its purity.

No experience, no matter how painful, is meant to be taken personally. When we can start to see everything as the flow of energy, we can see the forces at work. This is moving beyond a world of victims and perpetrators. It’s a space of big compassion and spacious understanding.

You will find as you clear up past fears and pains that they show up less and less in your present. Clearing up has connected you more fully to your harmoniousness, where you are a clean, clear and correct force of nature. Feelings move, thoughts can finish, you are present with all of it.

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