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More than Massage

Brad is here to empower your natural healing 

"A paper cut heals on its own without extra thought. In the same way, when we remove the causative factor and provide the body with what it needs, any wound of mind, body or spirit can fully heal."             Brad Zayac


Brad is a licensed massage therapist, energyworker, bodybuilder, alchemist, burger lover, Costco executive member, and primary facilitator at True You Body Alchemy. Over the past decade since acquiring his bachelor's degree in Psychology, he has accumulated 3000+ hours of committed practice time exploring ancient spiritual disciplines and at least 5000+ hours failing to live up to his parents' expectations.


Brad's energetic sensitivity, heartfelt presence and diverse knowledge base are the foundation of his one-of-a-kind approach to health and healing. 

He facilitates transformational experience via mindwork, bodywork and other methods for individuals and groups all over the world. 

No matter the modality or environment, Brad addresses the wholeness of the mind, body and spirit through facilitating the release into your true nature.

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