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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What style of bodywork do you do?

R: Brad has a unique style through years of clinical practice. He holds no dogma, and seeks to use what works. He loves personal exploration through movement, meditation and self massage; and additionally has sought out training in a wide variety of modalities including but not limited to: Structural Integration, Myofascial Techniques, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang (chinese abdominal massage), Craniosacral Therapy, Triggerpoint Therapy, Acupressure, Polarity Therapy, Neurotraining, Qi Gong, Nei Gong


Q: Where are you located?

R: Brad works out of his studio space behind his house in West Sedona. He can also come to you for an extra travel fee of $20

Q: Can I do a longer session with you?

R: Brad's style of work is best suited to the 60 minute time frame. If you feel you need lots of work, Brad would prefer you book multiple sessions over the course of a few days rather than hope to get everything done in one long session (i.e. two 60 min sessions over two days is more effective than one 120 min session). The body and mind can only change so quickly, having space and integration time in between sessions is important. The most significant growth will happen with consistency over time. 

Q: Do you accommodate walk in clients?

R: Booking is through appointment only. Even if the online portal shows no availability, last minute bookings may be possible if you call (623) 850-1455

Q: I can't make any of the available online booking slots. Do you have any more availability?

If nothing online works for you, contact Brad directly through email or phone (623) 850 - 1455 to inquire about other options.


Q: Wow what a great session but I'm just visiting, can I bring you home with me? How can I find a similar practitioner in my area?

R: Brad can recommend specific next steps for you as an individual after your session, but you won't find anyone like him anywhere else. 

Q: Do you do outcalls?

R: Yes, Brad can travel to a certain area with an added travel fee of $20 (which can be waved if you request multiple massages in one trip)

Q: Do you do Deep Tissue?

R: Brad seeks to find that perfect pressure for you. He has spent years engaging in various physical conditioning practices and can provide very deep pressure safely and efficiently. That said, deeper is not always better, just deeper. Brad does not wish to harm or cause unnecessary stress on your body. He will listen to your body and use his best judgement to provide the pressure that is most productive toward your goals.

Q: Wow you have a great voice, have you ever thought about doing some voice acting?

R: Brad is open to all opportunities that present. If you'd like to hear more of what he has to say, be sure to follow him on social media.


Q: Do you do Energywork?

R: Yes, if you wish to receive energywork, simply book a bodywork session as normal and let Brad know when you arrive for your session. Brad has innate gifts honed through 10+ years of devoted meditation and spiritual practice. His bodywork is inherently energetic and his energetic work is inherently body-based.

Q: How much does it cost?

Standard rate for 60 minute hands on and talk sessions is $90. Brad does not wish money to be a limiting factor in coming to see him. If you need a financial break, contact Brad about it and he will do what he can. Packages, group discounts, barter or other forms of exchange are available for those interested.

Q: Are you psychic?

Brad believes every human has innate intuitive abilities that await being fully utilized and accessed. Through many years of practice, Brad has honed his own abilities to the degree that he has. He has special gifts with emotional regulation, decision making, body communication, dietary suggestions, past lives, and more. Feel free to ask Brad anything about anything.

Ready for your session?

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