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Honor your Heart, Live your Truth

Taoist Internal Methods for Health and Spirituality

Brad Zayac BS, LMT

Brad has been practicing his unique style of healing work since 2017. 

Brad has a psychology degree, massage license and advanced training in multiple mind body modalities. Combined with an intuition honed by more than a decade of devoted meditation practice, he offers a session like no other.

"Your thoughts are creating your reality.
Change your thinking, change your reality"

Healing Session

Brad serves the community by offering a form of spiritual counseling with embodiment exercises that can be done in person or remotely.


With both verbal and hands on methods, Brad utilizes a vast toolkit to address the wholeness of your body and mind to bring more freedom into your life. 

Blue Skies

Spiritual Counseling 

Brad helps to purify your mind through releasing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and emotions creating space to clearly perceive and enjoy life

Clients Report:

  • Greater connection to self and purpose

  • Lighter, freer emotional states

  • Mental clarity and peace

  • Increased focus, concentration and motivation

  • Increased confidence and decisiveness

  • More presence, creativity and personality

"The issues are in the tissues.
Release the tissue, release the issue"
Image by Erol Ahmed

Embodiment Exercises 

Brad is helping you physically decompress to release pain, stress and tension, so that you can live and move with more energy and vitality.

Clients Report:

  • Fast relief of acute and chronic pain

  • Deep relaxation and rejuvenation

  • More feelings of openness and lightness

  • Restoration of vitality and energy


“It feels like with Brad, there's a safe space.”

- Anahata Ananda, Sedona

Book A Session

In-Person sessions currently unavailable while Brad geographically transitions
Remote sessions still available

  • Spiritual counseling with embodiment exercises

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    1 hr

    120 US dollars
Night Skies

Seasoned Intuition
Quality Knowledge
Healing Work 

More Reviews

Xandy, Sedona

"He is gentle and confident at the same time. I felt myself relax and trust him immediately. Brad is living his passion, engaged and focused on his work, and is always adding to his ever expanding knowledge base. There are wonderful traits in a health facilitator!"

Still not sure?

Brad is available to help you make the right decision for you

You can contact Brad directly with any lingering questions or concerns​.
Call (623) 850 - 1455
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