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Foundations of Freedom (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 12

Freedom is a word that I’m using to describe whole-being health. It is a state of being where you are one within and through yourself: where what you think, do, and say are all in alignment. It is what a human naturally arises to as they move beyond being controlled by survival-based fears, urges and impulses. 

A free life is led via the heart, via the feeling sense or the intuition rather than the logical mind. It is fueled by your connectedness to everything within and around you. The heart is producing a potent magnetic field meant to guide you and steer you through life. It is the center of your energetic body and equipped to determine your subjective Truth in the form of your feelings about things. It is your Truth that acts as a doorway to higher human states of being like love, compassion and peace. The process I share is so focused on looking inwards to empower your capacity to sense, feel, and know because this is the language of the heart. 

We live in a world that has in recent history, over-emphasized the importance of logical, rational, thought. While the linear logical mind serves an important purpose, when separated from the rest of your being, it does not have the capacity to take you very far into the human evolutionary process. Gathering of mental information or intellectual analysis both have an important place, but can only take you so far on their own.

For example, let's go to the lab...

Think of the stereotype of the research scientist holed up in his lab. This person may have collected vast amounts of information over the years and cultivated a sophisticated ability to think, reason and deduce based on information. They may be internationally recognized for their research, making significant contributions to the good of all humanity. They have cultivated quite a state of freedom in the world of research, science and academia. 

Within this stereotype, we have the sense this scientist might have trouble experiencing some peak human states, such as doing a kegstand or motorboating a beautiful lady. The question becomes, does our researcher avoid these experiences from a sincere lack of interest, or is there some level of denial of authentic desire? Are there some hidden fears? 

No one experience or state is superior to another. Motorboating is just as sacred a human experience as electron microscopy. The question at hand is whether or not the life you are living is what you honestly want at your core. Are you being true to yourself?

Like our scientist friend, you may have already cultivated vast amounts of freedom in certain areas of life, and for that I congratulate you. What I hope to share with you here is some guidance on how you might expand that feeling of freedom exponentially and experience it in more areas of life, so that ultimately no matter where you go or what happens, you feel and live this freedom.

The Big Picture

You are Creator. Not just the creator of your reality, but The Creator. You are a facet of that ultimate divinity, that ultimate presence. There is no force above your own, and for that same reason there’s no force below your own. As you look all around you, you see other facets of yourself, The Creator. You have a mind, you have a body, and you even have an ego. All of these serve important purposes for your human journey on earth. 

The goal, if there was one, is to release your grasp of the mind, body, ego, and everything outside of yourself, while remaining fully connected, embodied and in command of your life. It is entering a state of oneness with your creation. You can recognize yourself and your creation without the need of any unnecessary hard lines. This allows you to be in the world, but not of it, playing with everything that is here for you to play with, clear with what is for you (as this facet) and what isn't. You are navigating and operating your movement through the world from your own Creator authority rather than the rules or influences of the mind, body or ego.

To help you understand this further. I’ve made a list of basic things you need to know in order to succeed with your integration process:

Freedom is your natural state and available to you at all times

Every Human is capable of experiencing freedom. You are capable of freedom. Freedom is not special or reserved for a select few. It is what remains when you let go of everything that can be let go of. Nothing and no one can take away your freedom. Anything that can be taken away, is not fundamentally eternal, and therefore, not truly You.

This does not mean that you must get rid of all your possessions and sit in lotus position chanting om all day. Quite the opposite really. You will find that the more you let go of life, the more life can flow through you. You may get rid of some possessions that no longer serve you, while you acquire other ones. You may move away from one occupation into another. The difference is that your identity is not tied up in these things, so you can breathe and move freely with the changes that life brings.

Whether you’re in the monastery, jail, the bedroom, the boardroom or the battlefield, that freedom that you are is always there. There are no conditions on your happiness or your sense of well-being. There are just the decisions that you have made around what you believe to be true about yourself. Those conscious and unconscious decisions you’ve made have shaped your experience of reality into what it is now. If you are not in love with some aspect of your world, it is in your able hands to change those decisions.

Your freedom expresses itself in your ability to undecide or re-decide what you believe to be true. This re-shapes how the light of consciousness shines through your unique filter, and therefore how your world is projected through you. Make or change a decision, and your world takes a new shape. Break a habitual pattern and you enter into new creative territory. 

No matter how intensely triggered you are, no matter how you behave, no matter what you think, no matter what anyone says, you are still free. There may be layers of gunk on top of that freedom trying to sell you some kind of story, but it doesn’t change the fundamental truth that you are, and always will be free.

Control is Overrated

Many people confuse freedom for control and vice versa. “If I’m free, why don’t I just manifest a bunch of money to do what I want all the time?” This kind of thinking comes from a desire to be in control, which ultimately stems from foundational insecurities, lack of trust and disconnection from the rest of reality via overidentification with the ego. The Truth is the world is the way it is and it works the way it works. We humans are designed to be connected with each other and the world as it is now–to be a productive, helpful, loving part of it. 

Having a wide open schedule with plenty of money to do as you wish may at first seem like freedom, and for some it may be. I sincerely pray for your abundance and financial freedom. How it looks just depends on your personal relationship with that state of being. Have you cleared your schedule in an effort to get away from the world? Then you are being controlled by that avoidance and in a state of less than freedom. Did you feel a natural urge to make some space in your schedule to help gather momentum and inspiration, so you’d be ready for what comes next? That sounds more like freedom. The external circumstances are the same, but the motivation and stories told about those circumstances are very different, sending out very different creative pulses into the universal matrix. It is in the motivation and stories that we have opportunities to expand our freedom and change our reality.

What you actually have control over is two things: your actions and reactions. You have no control over what life brings you. You have no control over how other people feel or talk about you. You have no control over the stock market or world events. You have no control over the family you were born into. You have no control over the terrestrial or celestial weather. You don’t even have control over what you feel–your feelings are a natural response to stimulus in your environment. 

In other words, you don’t control what life brings you, only how you interpret and respond to it. 

You don’t control if it rains or not, but you can choose to wear a rain jacket or jump in the biggest puddle you can find. You don’t control your astrological sign, but you do control the story that you tell yourself or allow others to tell you about it. You don’t control if you are feeling sad or depressed on a given day, but you do choose what to do or not do about it. 

As you let go of attachment to things you cannot control, what remains is the natural freedom that you are. There arises a spaciousness with which to energize what you do control. The honesty of this process eliminates victimhood. There is nothing to which you are a victim, there is simply what you can and cannot control. By focusing on what you can control, you live in a state of freedom, agency and empowerment, consciously choosing how to direct your life force. 

You are given a certain allotment of energy every day and you control what you choose to do with that fuel. What you pay attention to is fed by that fuel of your consciousness. Paying attention to your own heart and how it is relating to your experience helps your heart sense grow and expand, helping you be more honest and connected. Paying attention to heavy negative thoughts reinforces those thoughts, creating more experiences that justify them. Noticing the background beliefs and circumstances that allow those heavy thoughts to exist in the first place can set the stage for new decisions. You can move through density rather than dwelling in it. 

I’m not here to sell you a spiritual story of puppy dogs and rainbows, though I can include a picture for reference. Life has heavy and potent experiences as a part of your freedom journey. You can’t control your life in a way that bad things never happen. Freedom means devoting your energy and consciousness to that which is in your power to change, and letting the rest of the universe handle itself. Over time, you just stop labeling things as bad because you don’t need to. So I suppose in a way a life of freedom does mean bad things stop happening. But it's not the external circumstances that changed, it’s the stories you tell about them.

Paying attention to what matters and letting the rest be the rest is like sealing up the leaks in a hose. The energy that is your consciousness can now flow more forcefully and freely. With more internal pressure, gunk isn’t getting stuck anymore and overall fluid velocity increases. Your baseline experience is happening at a higher frequency, velocity or vibration. Your highs are higher and your lows are higher because there’s more moreness.

For more personalized and specific help with bringing more freedom into your life, I make myself available for one-on-one sessions for just that purpose. Go to to book one now. Remote and in person options available.

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