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What is Human Design?

Human Design provides a map of how the universe is created through you and your decisions. It’s basically a snapshot of your soul’s potential with clear, individualized guidance on how to realize it.

Human Design brings the Map. You get to Become it.

Looking at your chart can be intimidating at first. Every detail has vast depth of significance to your Human journey. Yet step by step on your journey of living your design, you will receive new levels of what it means to be a unique being living from their own inner authority.

Through your embodied presence, you are writing and rewriting the programming script that generates your life.

You can play with the Human Design principles and see how quickly your life transforms into something more meaningful, connected and abundant in every sense of the word.

Mystical Origins with Modern Applications

In 1987, Canadian Alan Krakower (later known as Ra Uru Hu), unknowingly entered into a seven-day mystical experience where he was downloaded with the Human Design system in its entirety. He spent the rest of his life sharing this information with the world.

It has ancient influences from the Chinese I Ching, Hindu Chakra System, Astrology and Kabbalistic tree of life. It synthesizes this ancient wisdom into a one-of-kind system with modern application.

Nowadays, Human Design is used by high-level business professionals as much as spiritual seekers and everywhere in between. The system is especially helpful for new parents in learning how to best support their child’s health by honoring their individuality.

Human Design can offer fresh insight in many aspects of life from the mundane to spiritual:

  • Purpose/Direction

  • Career/Abundance

  • Relationships/Self Love

  • Creativity

  • Integrous Entrepreneurship

  • Mental/Emotional Health

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Connectedness

  • Intuitive Abilities

  • Life Cycle Analysis

  • Much more…

The Best Way to Understand it is to Try it Out

Human Design doesn’t ask you to believe anything. You becoming your own authority means no longer believing anything that doesn’t come from your own inner knowing. This is technical knowledge that can be put to the test. Only through your experiment can you determine what’s right for you.

If you're curious about what Human Design has to offer, you can book a reading with Brad below:

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