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Foundations of Freedom (Part 3)

Coming into a body comes with certain limitations. 

A game with no rules is no fun. You created these points of density in order to have something to chew on, digest, and integrate, allowing you to grow, learn, and become something new. You get to experience entirely new parts of yourself, express yourself in entirely new ways, and therefore learn more about who you are and how you work.

Suffering was made to feel real because it is real. At least it is as real as anything else. To deny your suffering will not lead to freedom. Neither will clinging to it. It is the embracement, the welcoming of everything that you experience that allows you to stay open to your natural free state.

Because you are free, there is no reason to make distinctions between good and bad. All experiences, all feelings are safe for you to take in from this grander viewpoint. Instead of judging safety based on mental concepts of good and bad, we can make our decisions based on what we’d love to create. With all the freedom that is inherent to who you are, what would you love to experience during your time in a body. What do you enjoy doing? What can you get your heart into?

As Creator, you could decide to consume a large amount of poison and have the experience of leaving the body because of that (this is a scholarly thought experiment, not any sort of recommendation). The mind and the ego will disappear, and yet that eternal part of you still remains. It’s not that consuming poison is inherently a bad thing, just probably not what you want to be creating. You as creator have the ability to create the life of your choosing within the limitations presented to you. 

Creators Everywhere

Everyone around you has this same Creative authority over their life. When we look upon a homeless person in the street, begging for spare change, it’s not helpful to pity or judge their circumstance. They are that facet of Creator, deciding to live a life where that is their experience. They have that same ultimate Creative power, just a different set of clay to mold with. Their creation is not better or worse than your experience. You may not wish to have a life like that, but they have chosen it consciously or otherwise. If you feel called to engage with them in the form of a donation or conversation, great, and if you don’t, great. 

They, like you, are fundamentally supported by the fabric of the universe and have the ability to adjust their creative decisions. They have only created that life because it serves them. In some way, that is the life that makes them feel safe and comfortable. Instead of judging it, perhaps you can seek to understand and have compassion. What is it specifically that they are receiving from that way of life? It is different for each person, and as you are opening your heart, you can see the beauty of life in the gutter.

The Detoxification Process

Living your life from this open, free, nonjudgmental place, your mind and body are detoxifying and releasing suppressed and repressed feelings and experiences for you to integrate. What appears as suffering is really a gift of deeper wisdom and understanding about who you are and how the world works. It may be very uncomfortable, but if you can open yourself to move through and breathe with that discomfort, it will inevitably end and leave more space and more freedom in its wake.

You will find the more that you release these pent-up feelings, the more optimally your mind and body function, without needing to change your medication or dietary regimen (of course, none of this is medical advice, always consult your physician before making any medically relevant changes).

External circumstances, such as diet, environment, relationships, exercise, etc. do have an effect on the body and mind. So making changes in your diet, for instance, can make a big difference in how you feel and think. But if we look at the most fundamental origin of any issues you may be experiencing, it always leads back to your own repressed feelings and subconscious belief structures. 

The body is incredibly resilient and adaptable with effectively unlimited reserves of energy and vitality. The more we look, the more we see our health issues were never the body’s fault. It is the hidden motivations and decisions of our past that have created the discomfort we now feel. The discomfort you experience is the body’s perfect response and attempt to adapt to your decisions. 

It is common and possible to ignore the body and its signals as you go about your life, pursuing your dreams. And I would never want you to let your body stop you or slow you down. Instead I offer that your body is yet another important relationship in your life, and yet another place and space for you to be filled with love. Loving your body means listening to it, but not letting it rule you. It was made to survive and thrive on Earth, what it has to say is highly valuable to you.

Getting into conflicts with the body is a source of much suffering. When we get out of the body’s way, miraculous changes can occur. Getting out of the way allows you to see what’s really going on. Your body's signals are just some of the information you have available to you to get feedback on what you may be thinking, being or doing that wants to change. Some things you may know, but most of what drives you is hidden. The subconscious is far more powerful than the conscious will for driving behavior long term. 

Letting Change Happen

It is easy to use will to make changes in the short term, but lasting, beneficial change requires a different approach. Continuing with this example of dietary changes, you can forcibly, through discipline, change eating habits to something that you think is better for you. This may cause changes in how you feel, especially in the short term. But what was it that was causing your issues in the first place? The body doesn’t just break down randomly as you may have been taught. It has incredible regenerative potential. Your issues aren’t random. They come from self-destructive choices and behaviors that have a specific source rooted in some level of your subconscious belief structures. Change the deep seated beliefs and your behavior will change effortlessly.

Willfully forcing behavioral changes does not address the true root cause of those original symptoms. Any relief you experience will be temporary or the symptoms may find some other area of your life to surface, or simply resurface in some time. Discipline and will are finite resources and will eventually run out, causing you to regress to your subconscious foundation of behaviors. 

On the other hand, you may find through your releasing process that you naturally desire different foods that are more supportive of your bodily health. This is because you’re being less driven by the subconscious and unconscious urges in your food choices. There’s no more subconscious guilt or shame driving behavior of self sabotage. There is just the clarity that you are and your desire to love and take care of your body. 

Ultimately through releasing attachment, food will have no hold over you and you can eat as you wish without detrimental effect. Without the repressed feelings, you can see clearly what the effect a certain food will have on your body and decide if you’d like to have that experience or not. The body can work more efficiently because you’re not holding so much emotional tension or burdening it with unnecessary substrate to process. You can hear the body’s signals more clearly and feed what is actually being called for. There’s no more urgency or direness to cravings. Those come from repressed feelings.

Through releasing, growth is permanent without force. There’s nothing to hold onto or maintain. There’s nothing you “can’t” or “aren’t allowed” to have or do. There’s just your honesty with the choices you make and new levels of self awareness. You are consciously working with your body, the universe and all creation.

For more personalized and specific help with bringing more freedom into your life, I make myself available for one-on-one sessions for just that purpose. Go to to book one now. Remote and in person options available.

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